Welcome to Hotel Hippo Buck
The Hotel Hippo Buck established in 1992 is situated in the serene of Sophia Valley on the outskirts of Homa Bay town,overlooking Asego Hills and just one kilometer away from the shores of Lake Victoria which is the second largest fresh water lake in the world and home to several magnificent islands such as Sukru,Takwiri,Sikiri.

Homa Bay town is within the peripherals of the beautiful Ruma National Park in Lambwe valley and other historical sites such as Simbi Nyaima, Ondgo Bird Sanctuary, Homa Hills Hot Springs, Nyamgondho wuod ombare and Thim lich ohinga.

Ruma National Park
It was established in 1966 as a game reserve and was known as Lambwe Valley in 1993 it acquired the status of a national park and was renamed Ruma National Park.

The park is situated 25km west of Homa-bay. The park is filled with tranquil and magnificent escarpments of savannah and woodland and a sanctuary to endangered animals. The Roan antelopes which are one of Africa's rarest antelopes can be spotted in this park.
Thim Lich Ohinga
Thim Lich Ohinga is a dry stone wall built five centuries ago by the first communities who settled in the lake region. The architectural design is made up of loose massive piled up stones and blocks, 150m diameter and 1.0 to 4.2m in height. 

Takawiri Island
Takawiri Island has beautiful is located in Lake Victoria. It has beautiful sandy lakeshores. It takes one 45 minutes to reach the island using a ferry from Luanda K' otieno.

Simbi Nyaima

Simbi Nyaima is located about 40km east of Homa-Bay town. The myth behind the lake is that it came about after a curse befell the villagers who refused to shelter a desperate woman. The Lake is now home to flamingoes who migrate from other Rift Valley lakes.